Chamma da Amazônia L'Amazonie Eau de Parfum Features New Extract of Rosewood Leaf (2012) {New Perfume}

size_590_amazonas.jpgBrazilian wellness and beauty company Chamma da Amazônia presented a new perfume at the Sebrae United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development entitled Rio +20. It was made with natural ingredients found in the Amazonian forest. The scent was baptized L'Amazonie Eau de Parfum. French perfumer Olivier Paget of Mane, Brazil is its author... 

The perfumer is said to have worked in collaboration with researcher Lauro Barata who designed a sustainable method for capturing the essence of Rosewood from its leaves, instead of from its wood as in the past, a technique which required the felling of trees.

According to company executive Fatima Chamma, the use of Rosewood leaf extract opens new commercial opportunities and presents the advantage of being harmless to the environment.

Via Exame

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  1. Thanks for the update on Brazillian scents. I can't wait to try this.

    Pat Thomas
    • Hi Pat,

      You're welcome. If you do before everyone else, please report back.

      Chant Wagner

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