Heeley Go Back to the Art of the Extrait: Agarwood, Bubblegum Chic, L'Amandière (2011)

Heeley_parfums.jpgFranco-British niche brand Heeley - whose founder is British but who lives in Paris - launched a new collection of Extraits de Parfums, the most decadent form of perfume wearing. While extraits are commonly being produced by diverse brands they are much less popular than eaux de parfums. We think we can safely say that extraits were worn more often in the past... 

Pure parfums bespeak of classical elegance, but the names of the new perfumes make sure we know they are contemporary creations which could have never been born in the fifties, say.

Agarwood has notes of oud, rose, amber, incense.

Bubblegum Chic has notes Jasmine Sambac, Tuberose, White Musc, fruits. 

L'Amandière offers notes of Green Almond, Jasmine, Rose, Tilia. 

A 50 ml extrait is priced at $230. Available in the US at Luckyscent. Samples available for $6 each.


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