Olfactory Observation #7: One Day There will be a Fragrance called "Niche Perfume"


Comme des Garçons Perfume ©The Scented Salamander


I predict that one day when the time is finally ripe and the times have become really ironic, there will be the launch of a perfume simply called "Niche Perfume". This will be a conceptual work inspired by the "mise en abyme" technique. It will smell of something, not just be an idea...

I predict that it will smell like an assemblage of instantly recognizable olfactive signatures that once used to be counter-cultural and slowly became appendages to a new form of aesthetic conformism.

In this perfume, there would be a succession of fragrance accords: there would be the Mark-Buxton accord, followed by the Serge-Lutens-and-Christopher-Sheldrake accord before being rounded off by the Geza-Schoen accord. The perfume would be both terribly iconic and ironic. In fact, the fragrance would be designed so as to sting once applied onto the skin so that it would made you purse your lips bitterly as you contemplated the field of ruins.

This is not just perfume sci-fi. It's based on the olfactory experience of having smelled a sillage which reminded you of nothing else but the idea of a niche perfume in all of its typicality.There was once upon a time "Chypre", there will be "Niche perfume". It's only a question of time.

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