Roger et Gallet Rose Imaginaire (2012): Painting the Rose rather than Picking it {New Perfume}


Roger et Gallet have decided to turn their latest inspiration towards the recreation of an "imaginary rose" in a new rose perfume containing no rose essences. The fragrance which launches from mid-August to September 2012 is called Rose Imaginaire, thereby affirming the talent of perfumers who are able to play illusory tricks on our senses. Not that there is any shortage of roses, which is of course all the beauty and purpose of this creative exercise conducted by perfumers Alberto Morillas and Marie Salamagne... 

In an era when some bemoan the disappearance of perfumery ingredients from the palette of perfumers due to regulatory health concerns watched by IFRA, it is liberatory to show that outside of a context of crisis, there has always been, there is always and there will always be the choice of painting the rose rather than harvesting it.

The Eau Fraîche contains notes of mandarins from Sicily and wild strawberries from Italy followed by Egyptian jasmine and violet from the Nile and is anchored by warm notes of sandalwood from Oceania and Indonesian patchouli. 

Price: 38,70€ for 100 ml

Via Cosmopolitan; Femme qui Rit 

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