Jennifer Connelly's Olfactive Preferences in Brief {What Celebrities Like to Wear}


In tomorrow's issue of French people magazine Gala, actress Jennifer Connelly reveals her olfactive preferences in a beauty interview.

Is she a perfume person? Not really. Hmm, actually no, not at all. Like Bobbi Brown, she says that she is more of a smell-oriented person... 

This means usually for those who belong to the smells tribe that you do not insist on wearing fancy perfumes. In fact, you avoid them, preferring aromas that remind you of a more natural environment and are not "layered".

For some reason, this preference seems to be a characteristic orientation of North-American culture, where it is expressed from time to time. 

"Not at all (a fan of perfumes), I am in fact very sensitive to smells and cannot stand the superposition of scents. In general, the aromas of the creams I use are enough for me." (Our translation)

On the other hand, she makes more effort to burn well-selected scented candles for her home.

Connelly was welcoming the interviewer at her place with Abd El Kader by Cire Trudon, declaring that she loves its notes of mint and lemon. Other favorites for her are the tea-scented candles from tea compagny Mariage Frères. 

She is currently starting out as the global spokesperson for Shiseido Future Solution LX after having been their Asia spokesperson. She first did a campaign for Shiseido back in the 1980s. 

Via Gala

Picture: Google Images

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