Parfums de Nicolaï Musc Intense (2012) {New Perfume}


 Despite the promise of a super animalic note contained in its name, the latest perfume to be launched by the house of Parfums de Nicolaï, Musc Intense, is anything but. Perfumer Patricia de Nicolaï is quick to underline the synthetic nature of the musks used adding that the composition is a musky floral poised at the far opposite end of a leathery, animalic fragrance...

The nose explained,

"What I imagined is a flowery, soft, extremely sensual caress. Musc Intense is a union of rose and white musks. I like the liqueur top note, the elegant essence of Turkish rose. It intoxicates me. So I made it even more inebriating with a delicate fruity aldehyde top note. Carnation and violet take over from there, sustained by jasmine and rose absolutes."

A note of ambrette seed also called "musk seed" plays upon the frontiers of the smell of skin and fruit. 

Via press release

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