Chapter 1 of the Chanel No.5 Story as Retold on the Internet {Perfume Images & Ads}


Dab on perfume wherever you want to be kissed, Coco Chanel used to say


Chanel released the first chapter of the No.5 saga as retold on the internet in 2012. The filmed narrative takes on a historical dimension, illustrated as it is with a wealth of archival images and also pseudo archival illustrations.

The perfume, born in 1921, is not quite a 100 years old yet, but one can rest assured that the brand is looking ahead as to how to make the No. 5 chime in one day its 200 years anniversary. Because it would be just too bad to see such longevity just evaporates and the brand feels like they are the custodians of a fragrance monument... 

 The only risk for a perfume legend admittedly is when it becomes too self-conscious, falling into the category called public relations success. Some spontaneity is indispensable for a perfume to truly live on by simple word of mouth.

That is to say that the most important thing would be to still be able to find people who truly love the No.5 even if advertising campaigns were less luxurious and synonymous with obvious cachet.

The only way to achieve this is to be a beautiful perfume in and of itself; and yet we know that this is often not enough.

In the end, the right and delicate balance between reputation and genuine quality must be struck, over and over again by perfumers, art directors, publicists to convince customers.

This is the other chemistry which takes place outside the bottle. And it is truly mysterious. 

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