Lotus Flowers & Hindu Deities in the Rock in a Waterfall near Angkor Wat {Fragrant Images & Ads}

Thumbnail image for Lotus_Hindu_deities_Angkor.jpgThis place would smell of water and wet stone and feel incredibly invigorating and fresh. These are the main invisible olfactory elements you can suss out from the image. It would also be filled with deafening sound... 

This is pushing the concept of "fragrant image" a bit more, meaning by that an image with a representation of art imitating flowers, for instance as here.

Lotus essential oil smells very sweet and soft. Flowers offered to Hindu deities are expected to tread the virtuous middle path, being neither too strong smelling, nor devoid of perfume.

In other words, their perfumes are meant to convey respectful devotion and ought to tease the senses while never feeling overbearing.

Should we take a cue from that precept? Sometimes. 

It is Goddess Lakshmi who is associated with the lotus flower. She is the goddess of wealth, prosperity and beauty.

This image makes you think of incense, incense and water. One perfume creates that association in a particularly well-considered manner: L'Eau by Serge Lutens

The place is the "holy site of Kbal Spean in the Kulen Hills, the source of two rivers that nourish the Angkor Plain." 

Via National Geographic

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