Mojo Magique (2013): Inspired by the Mystery & Beauty of Louisiana {New Perfume}


From Louisiana comes a new, exotic perfume co-created by twin brothers Doug and John Kennedy - no relations to the political family - together with perfumer Jean-Marc Chaillan of IFF, which is inspired by the "mystery and haunting beauty of Louisiana". Magique by Mojo, is the first fragrance of apparel and accessories brand Mojo, self-described as a "grassroots design company" based in West Monroe...

“We grew up on the bayou,” says John Kennedy. “My mother loved growing roses. Everywhere you go in our region, you can smell night-blooming jasmine and sweet olive. Your senses are heightened by the lush, sensual, and tropical smells that surround you here, and we wanted to incorporate that into Mojo Magique.”

Mojo Magique is said to be a unisex fresh woody floral Eau de Toilette. It opens with notes of lemon, grapefruit and mandarin followed by a heart of muguet, fig, jasmine and lavender and concluding with cedarwood, sandalwood, patchouli, pepper, anise, cinnamon. 

About the packaging,

"Designer Doug Kennedy dipped back into the art that put Mojo on the map, creating a magical design-scape for Mojo Magique’s box that include the flora, fauna, and archetypes both whimsical and dark that define Louisiana in the popular imagination. "

Price: $100 for 100 ml. Available at; Avery Fine Perfumery in New Orleans; By George stores in Austin, Texas, & other select stores in the United-States.

New Orleans and Louisiana are known as a traditional stronghold of perfumery in the United-States, no doubt due to the historical French influence. Vodoo lore adds a sense of mystery. Their cuisine and love of flavors are legendary, so it is always interesting to smell what might come out of the regional experience, and how truly different a Louisiana perfume can be. 

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