Philosophy Field of Flowers Peony Blossom (2013) {New Fragrance}


Cosmetics brand Philosophy with a yen for spiritual messages have a new perfume in town called Field of Flowers Peony Blossom. Lest you might think it's only about the flower, wait and read what they have to say about the meaning of a field of flowers for your soul...

" A flower is the embodiment of everything that is right and beautiful in this world, and a field of flowers is the ultimate expression of joy. Philosophy’s Field of Flowers fragrance collection features fresh, pretty florals and beautiful blossoms to inspire contentment and leave women feeling cherished. Enjoy a beautiful bouquet every day of the week by layering, mixing, and experimenting to build your personal fragrance wardrobe." 

The eau de toilette features notes of Miss America Peony, Mandarin Honeysuckle, Satin Woods. The naturally fragrant white Miss America peony is a two-time winner of the American Peony Society Gold Medal. 

The Field of Flowers collection showcases individual flowers with each one of their launches. 

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