Hilde Soliani Peccatrice (2013) {New Perfume}




Italian artist, as well as dedicated creative gourmet, Hilde Soliani launched a new perfume called Peccatrice (Sinner). It is inspired by a trip she made to Sicily and the scents and colors she encountered there.

Why, you might ask, a central allusion to sin for this innocently gustatory composition? It might be an allusion to an Italian film which has been translated in English as "The Good Bad Girl" ...

"Picture yourself on a terrace overlooking the sparkling sea, with a glass of Prosecco in your hand and all the time in the world. This fresh mix of unusual notes has a relaxed elegance that makes it easy to wear and easy to love."

Soliani is well-known in particular for her research on interesting and veristic gustatory sensations but also atmospheric recreations of places. In Peccatrice, she weaves anew those two principal threads of her inspriation.

The eau de parfum is said to feature "stunning and vibrant" cedar wood, salty olive, camphoraceous black pepper, and a licorice-smelling serving of fennel.

According to the ad copy on Luckyscent.com where it is available (Price: $160 for 100 ml & $4 for a 0.7 ml sample),

"It’s difficult to pick out where one note ends and another begins, because the effect is that of a warm summer breeze carrying all sorts of delightful scents that it has picked up in its journey across land and sea." 


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