M. Asam No.1 (2012) {New Perfume} {Beauty Notes}




Beauty fiends can take note that German beauty brand M. Asam, which base their creed on the rejuvenating properties of grapeseed oil in particular, released last year a fine perfume directly inspired by the scent of their cosmetics...

The travelling road from functional perfumery to fine perfumery and vice versa is sometimes surprisingly full of factoids, especially when it is not advertized in the open. In this case, it is officially advertized as such by the brand and turned into a selling point.

"Looking for an exotic and high-spirited fragrance? Very fresh and aromatic, M. Asam's No. 1 scent is sure to turn heads wherever you go. An animating blend of citrus, spice and floral, No. 1 is the fragrance used in the VINO GOLD skin care line. Spritz this eau de parfum on your neck, wrists and wherever skin is the warmest. Lovely!"

Top Notes: Bergamot, rosewood, lemon, grapefruit, green tea and mandarin

Mid Notes: Lily of the valley, violet, rose, nutmeg, peach, thyme, cardamom, plum and cassis

Base Notes: Musk, white cedarwood, amber and oakmoss

This reminds us how surprising it was one day for us to taste Nivea cream in the form of ice-cream! Past the first moments of cognitive puzzlement, it was pretty good and edible (but not addictive we have to say). 

M. Asam No. 1 eau de parfum is carried by HSN.

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