Rosewater to be Directed by Political Satirist & TV Man Jon Stewart {Movies & Olfaction}


After Argo directed by Ben Affleck which recently won Best Movie at the Oscars 2013, we're going to be able to watch another upcoming movie about the political travails of Iran directed by an American, Jon Stewart of The Daily Show. It is called Rosewater and is an adaptation of the memoir by Maziar Bahari, Then They Came For Me: A Family’s Story Of Love, Captivity And Survival....

The title was chosen because in the story of captivity and violence recounted by Bahari, the only identifier that the blind-folded prisoner comes to associate with the personality of his interrogator is the scent of rosewater he wafts of. Of course, from an olfactory and psychological standpoint, it is like a disconnect with what rosewater might normally signal: caring, hospitality, beauty, pleasantness. 

The fact that the title of the film makes the story meaningfully hinge on that olfactory link between the two main protagonists lets us know that just like for Perfume, the movie, Rosewater will have to visually suggest how the fifth sense participate in a meaningful fashion in the story line. 

This is a directorial debut for Stewart who will take 3 months off his popular show to bring the movie to fruition after having already worked on the script. Producers are Jon Stewart, Scott Rudin and Gigi Pritzker.

Via Variety; Deadline

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