Bottling the Scent of the Chelyabinsk Meteorite {Fragrance News}


Like for many other things marvellous and a bit mysterious, you need a perfume to mark the occasion and the special mood. After coming from outer space and ripping through earth sky, the meteorite now known as the Chebarkul Meteorite, which landed in a lake in the Urals on February 15th 2013, will become a rare perfumery material, an extra-terrestrial ambergris of sorts...

People have started spontaneously to harvest bits and pieces of it in and around the lake it fell into.

Local authorities have come up with the idea of creating a perfume incorporating the scent of the fragments of the meteorite. A business man called Sergei Andreyev is said to be the mastermind behind the project. He counts on the new perfume to smell of "metallic and stony notes" directly copied or perhaps extracted from the cold magma, but not of burnt steak apparently as astronauts report the scent of outer space to be. 

Chebarkul Meteorite will be the name of the fragrance. "Chebarkul" means "a beautiful lake" in Tatar. 

Thierry Mugler recently did a celestial edition of Angel which incorporated star dust, but more as a decorative element than as an olfactory note. 

Via Zee News India; Picture by Marat Akhmetvaleev via My Modern Met

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