Thierry Mugler Angel Voyage Céleste & Angel Precious Star (2012) {Luxury & Collector Perfumes}


For the Holidays season 2012, Thierry Mugler launched a very limited edition called Angel Voyage Céleste (Celestial Voyage). The jus Angel comes housed in a Boule à Neige or globe snow filled with star dust. Only 100 copies were made available...

An inscription on the flacon thanks fans of Angel for their loyalty. This, somewhat surprisingly very limited run of the fragrance given both the national and global appeal of the perfume, is priced at 175€.

For each bottle sold, 5€ are given to the association Rêves, which aims to fulfill the dreams of children suffering from grave pathologies. 

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Additionally, another limited-edition collector, Angel Precious Star, is also tying its actions to the same association and giving them 2€ for each flacon sold. The classic blue star-shaped flacon is decorated with star dust ($78).

The Voyage Céleste appears to have sold out, but Precious Star is still available on the US site for the brand ($78).

Angel was famously inspired by fashion designer Thierry Mugler's childhood fairground memories at Christmastime. It has become the ancestor of an ever thriving family of gourmand perfumes. 


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  1. Who did have the Angel Voyage Celeste and why did customers not know about this sooner?


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