Razzle Dazzle with Bond No.9 Chandelier Editions {Fragrance News - New Flacons} {Luxury Perfume}

Chandelier-Amphora-Bond-No9.jpgNew-York-City based Bond No. 9 have launched two limited-edition Chandelier editions for Xmas 2010. In a new twist on their already ostentatious Amphora fountains, in a novel take which even Donald Trump might think might be perfectly showcased by the shiny golden walls of his pad, the brand proposes a Chandelier Amphora edition ($2,500 for 42 fl oz)...


...to be filled with the fragrance of your choice.

Think of it this way: it is still a bargain compared with the Guerlain Mon Précieux Nectar Fountain.



The design of the Chandelier Amphora is said to be directly inspired by the New York City landscape taking its cue from "...the irresistible crystal-clear teardrop prism-bead chandeliers gleaming like an explosion of diamonds inside those vintage Bowery lighting stores..."

The second chandelier-inspired flacon is the one for Nuits de Noho who gets to wear a new black dress and wear a gaggle of prisms around her neck and head as if wearing a scintillating fascinator.

Nuits de Noho is described as a "A new kind of nighttime femininity: Irreverent, unapologetic, favors a shot of icy vodka. A contemporary fruity-floral gourmand skin-scent that’s the ultimate in sexy avant-garde urbanity." Notes are: jasmine, creamy vanilla, sheer patchouli.

The Chandelier edition for Nuits de Noho is $380 for 100 ml.

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