Guerlain Mon Précieux Nectar (2009): Who Ever Said Perfume Was So Poverty-Deluxe? {New Fragrance}



According to the site Monsieur Guerlain (a great collector's website solely dedicated to the venerable perfume house, its news, history, literature, and collectible items -- a must-see for Guerlain aficionados), Guerlain will release a très, très exclusive fragrance in March of 2009 called Mon Précieux Nectar (My Precious Nectar).

The perfume will be available in a luxurious one-liter crystal bottle called "La Fontaine Impériale" (The Imperial Fountain), a throwback to the era of splendor of a house which became officially attached to the French imperial court under the Second Empire.

Each fragrance is priced at 6000 € or US $ 7,732 at current exchange rate...


Perfume is often characterized as being the most affordable form of luxury. In some cases as in this one, a scent comes along which belies the saying.

Notes are orange blossom, jasmine, bitter almond, wood, vanilla and musk.

One can only continue to note that the bitter-almond note is weaving its way throughout a number of Guerlain releases these days.

Mr. Guerlain further comments that the olfactory description of Mon Précieux Nectar seems to be quite close to that of the Guerlain 180-years-Anniversary perfume called 180 ans de Créations which was only distributed to privileged Guerlain customers in December of 2008.

The fountain comes together with a black leather box and a vaporizer.

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  1. As the crystal bottle is named after the Champs-Elysées store's sophisticated tube system for filling empty bee bottles, with this edition you can get your own private Imperial Fountain!

    Mr. Guerlain

    • Wonderful! You can and you can't at the same time -- this is a serious perfume investment!

      Chant Wagner

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