Dita Von Teese New FleurTeese Advert {Perfume Images & Ads}

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After announcing the new perfume by pin-up and "burlesque queen" Dita Von Teese yesterday, here is the advert for FleurTeese in which the celebrity is dressed in a 1950s vintage purple and white floral print dress, her nails done in a 1930s style. Von Teese said about the personality of the perfume that,

"Although I love the strong, powerful image of a femme fatale and seductress, I also have a tender side. So I wanted to create a lighter, more romantic elixir for my fragrance wardrobe... 

Although Fleur Teese is very feminine and easy, it is still luxuriant, sensual, velvety and memorable. Fleur Teese is anything but a classic floral fragrance ...

The fragrance is inspired by her two favorite flowers, Casablanca lilies and lilacs. She reminisces how in her childhood she used to smell the scent emanating from the huge lilac trees surrounding her house in Michigan. 

We underlined previously how her long-time signature perfume Quelques Fleurs by Houbigant happens to be a closet lilac soliflore, here is an explanation as to why she might have fallen in love with the perfume thanks to childhood memories. 

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