Thierry Mugler Angel Sweet Temptations Gift Set (2013) {Perfume Shopping Tip of the Day}


For Angel fans, there is a new way to buy your favorite perfume or to offer it to someone who loves it. Thierry Mugler - to echo the gourmand theme of the fragrance - have put out a giant cupcake-shaped gift box topped with a Muglerian star and filled it with the following goodies: 3.5 oz Perfuming Body Lotion and 3.5 oz Shower Gel and 1.7 oz Eau de Parfum...

This way you can think of indulging in a 3-stage layering process for the fragrance, from shower to making a lasting impression with the scent during the day as the body lotion will help keep the perfume locked in on your skin, a boon especially if your skin is dry or the place you live in requires adaptation.  

The bottle of perfume is refillable at Mugler fountains. 

A $184 value available for $134 at Macys.Free shipping at $50 or GWP. 

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