Clean First Blush (2013) {New Perfume}


Clean have introduced their new limited edition fragrance for summer 2013 called First Blush. The composition is signed by perfumer Harry Fremont of Firmenich who said,

First Blush was inspired by a summer morning. In creating the fragrance, I wanted to capture that sweet, cool freshness of a new day at the beach... 

It’s about this feeling of hope and awe that I think many of us feel while looking at something as beautiful as the ocean.”

If you are a morning person, this might be a scent in tune with your natural bio rhythm and preferred outlook. 

The so-called "simplistic" - code word for uncluttered and minimalist - citrus aromatic eau de toilette features notes of Bergamot, White Tea, Sweet Mint, Jasmine, Neroli, Basil, Musk, Woods. 
$59 for 2.14 fl oz.

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