Margaret Thatcher Loved to Wear...{What Perfume Celebrities Wear}


To stay on topic and as the BBC reported the passing away of Margaret Thatcher today on April 8, 2013, we can underline on the perfume blog that the ex-Prime Minister of Great Britain is widely rumored to have favored the perfume Bluebell by Penhaligon's. A very English choice, but also less business-like a preference than one might have anticipated from the Iron Lady...

Having said that, and from a beauty standpoint, one will remember her peaches-and-cream complexion enhanced by her pearls, her lipsticks and her unmovable, much more true-to-her-public-image, hair style.

The French press quoted former President François Miterrand as observing that she had "the mouth of Marilyn and the eyes of Caligula". 


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