Commodity is New Online Perfume Shopping Experience & Range with Scents like Gold, Paper & Cloth (2013) {New Perfumes}


"Help us change the industry" is the adroit motto, new fragrance company Commodity (Goods) use in the hope of whipping internet surfers and social media habitués into action. Taking a closer look at their selling concept, you see that they really want you to have more latitude to play with perfume. So, for instance, they came up with this idea to tie up your word with their nascent company: commit to buying a full size fragrance and they'll send you a range of 10 samples to choose from; the one you love most or the 3 best ones for you can be converted either in a 100 ml bottle of a set of 3 x 10 ml roll-ons...

Next, looking at their collections of perfumes either for Him or Her, you get it. How much simpler could it be than buying a perfume pretending to smell of Paper or Cloth? The concept is easy to grasp giving you the impression that you know what those scents probably smell like, approximately, even if they take poetic licence.

Savvy perfumistas nevertheless know that it is rarely as simple as it sounds, hence a measure of mystery preserved and to be uncovered. The idea will appeal to a certain type of perfume aficionados who like avant-gardism and pared-down olfactory conceptual works; even if the composition is a bit more complex than suggested by its name, it is driven by a simple idea. Commodity could be like a sleeker Demeter, a little more sophisticated and less literalist, one can imagine. 

The collection for Her comprises Mimosa, Ivy, Tea, Wool, Magnolia, Moss, Pinot, Gold, Dew and Paper


The corresponding library of scents for Him includes Cloth, Whiskey, Gin, Wool, Cane, Moss, Book, Gold, Oak, and Paper

As we can see, some of the compositions are gender-coded; there is a Moss for Her and a Moss for Him. On the other hand, it does seem unfair to have a Book for Him but not for Her although Paper is either more feminine or more masculine. Hmmm, interesting, what could be the smell of sexually-oriented paper, we ask?

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