Mark Marrakesh (2013) {New Perfume} {Beauty Notes - Nails}


Mark, a subsidiary of Avon destined to cover the hipper, younger segment of their market, introduced a new perfume called Marrakesh in their Instant Vacation series meant to replace travel with perfume. The blend and image of the eau de toilette are particularly escapist and fantasy-laden this time...

The eau de toilette features "lavish Moroccan jasmine, neroli blossoms, spicy cardamom, wild fig and crushed mint." ($24)


It comes together with a makeup range, which is not currently available on their site except for their nail polishes. That green polish - you've guessed it - is the impersonation of green mint tea from Morocco. " Nailed It Trend Marrakesh Mini Nail Lacquers" for $7.

One of their previous launches was White Vetiver which sounded good on paper but was a bit of a let-down in reality. Let's hope they spiced up their concoction this time around.

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