Models Own Fruit Pastel Collection (2013) {Beauty Notes - Nails - New - Olfaction}


Made in UK nail polish brand Models Own have launched a line of pastel colors for spring 2013 which are scented with fruity scents like banana and grape. It's called the Fruit Pastel Collection. Tones are pretty, rather subtle, a bit retro and fresh, and while we still remain to be convinced that perfumed polish adds to your quality of life following an early Revlon attempt, we want to be swayed...

From the website copy,

"Five pretty pastel shades that cleverly release an infused fruity scent, keeping fingers fresh and fashionable! Once dry they emit a subtle, but pretty perfume that matches their name. Complete with retro 'scratch and sniff' stickers!"

Colors and scents have been matched to reinforce each others giving us a pink Strawberry Tart, a green Apple Pie, a yellow Banana Split, a blue Blueberry Muffin, and lavender Grape Juice. 

Synesthesia aficionados, take note!

There is a Fruit Pastel Box set priced at £20 if you want to play with them all.


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