Tom Daxon Reverie (2013) {New Perfume - New House}

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Tom Daxon Bowers is a fragrance lover who grew up in the world of cosmetics and scents thanks to his chemist mother. From the age of four, he's had the opportunity to mingle with Grasse perfumers in the south of France, in particular Jacques Chabert, and now his daughter Claire Chabert who today both officiate as the noses behind Daxon perfumes, a new British house established in 2013. Reverie is one of their 8 new perfumes...

The founder said, "For me Reverie shows the elegance of maintaining a little mystery." 

"Some fragrances take you back to familiar places; others can transport you to somewhere totally new. REVERIE is like that place in a dream, familiar yet somehow different. At first cool and dry it seems to shift to warm and rich in the same instant as recognizable parts form an abstract whole. Unusual and comforting."

Fragrance notes: Artemesia, Rosemary, Ginger, Elemi /Iris /Oudh, Benzoin Siam, Ambroxan, Cypriol. 

"Rêverie" in French means day-dreaming, an activity no doubt on the wane when you see how people nowadays prefer to look at their smartphone screens instead of day-dreaming when there is a lull. 

Price is £105 for 50 ml of eau de parfum.





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