Diptyque's Next Candle is Called Eucalyptus (2013) {New Scent} {Home Fragrance}


French niche perfume house Diptyque will launch a new scented candle next month called Eucalyptus as part of their L'Herbier collection which is inspired by "a nature which is alive, rare and precious," and follows the course of the seasons. Eucalyptus is meant to celebrate the arrival of summer...

"The tree of Eucalyptus Globulus blossoms from the first premices of summer. Commonly called "Gum Tree" or "Gommier Bleue" in French, its bark and crushed leaves waft of a pleasant aromatic perfume offering camphoraceous nuances"

The flowering cycle of Eucalyptus Globulus lasts until the end of July and the candle will be available from July 2013. The brand recommend pairing it with Feuille de Lavande for a fresh aromatic accord.  

The essential oil is known for its antiseptic qualities, as well as mosquito-repellent ones. Its scent creates a very cooling, clean and salubruous impression as if you were in a well-oxygenated forest. So it might be a good choice if temperatures rise. 

A 190g candle is priced at 42€

Via press release

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