Halle Berry Exotic Jasmine (2013): A Floral Fougère for Women {New Fragrance} {Celebrity Perfume}


Oscar-winner Halle Berry has launched her 6th fragrance to date called Exotic Jasmine. Behind the classic name, there is a fougère made for women, a category normally perceived as gender-bending by the wider feminine public yet favored by several women celebrities helping subvert a traditional masculine code of perfumery...

 Sarah Jessica Parker did Covet in 2007 and Fergie did Viva with Avon in 2012. 

"Halle Berry's Exotic Jasmine fragrance perfectly marries the opposing perfume facets from traditional fougere accord with a feminine blend of florals, creating an intense scent you will want to wear day after day."

Fragrance notes include: Wild raspberry, waterlily, an ozonic accord, a fougère accord, violet flowers, mimosa, cedarwood, vanilla bean, mahogany wood and cashmere must. 


Expect to smell something resembling the iconic 1965 Esquire cover of a woman shaving her face, like a man.

Price: $28 for 1 fl oz of eau de parfum. 

Available at Kohl's

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