The Motley Atlas Cologne (2013): Compounded for Darren (Criss) {New Perfume} {Men's Cologne} {Celebrity Fragrance}



A new online beauty destination for men called The Motley, a carefully curated e-commerce website dedicated to "Superior grooming" have launched their debut fine perfume called Atlas Cologne...

Like Le Labo - one of the brands they carry - they take both a minimalist and personalized approach to packaging drawing inspiration from the spare aesthetics of the lab environment while additionally inching towards celebrity endorsement like Le Labo are not averse to doing either {See Kirsten Dunst & Tubéreuse 40}, as no one insists on being a purist.

The New York Times ran a piece showing the involvement of actor and singer Darren Criss of Glee as both a later day investor and accidental celebrity endorsement figure for The Motley. Criss started out as a simple customer hoping to avoid media attention to the possible scenario of him “being that dude in CVS who is standing there smelling deodorants.

Atlas Cologne was developed with indie perfume house Goest Perfume which are also present on Etsy

"Atlas evokes the spirit of the world traveler. The spicy, green notes pull together memories of places explored. Atlas Cedar from the mountains of Algeria, Oakmoss from the forests of North America, worn leather blended with bergamot from southern Italy, Amber Musk, Indian cardamom and cloves."

Website co-founder Madison Ruggieri - the twin sister of the other co-founder Matthew Ruggieri - said about the perfume that “It is something that reminds you of your grandfather but is not your grandfather’s scent,” 

The fragrance development project was about the creation of a masculine scent which would talk of masculinity in terms other than blatantly sexual. 

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