Niche Perfumes Vs. The Rest of Them: The Dangers of Reproducing the Class System in Perfumery Part 1 {Fragrant Reading}


Here follows a prime example of how to introduce niche perfumery to the innocent: they're the best, full stop. You can't go wrong here. "Niche" is a synonym for quality...well, not exactly. But it is a view that still has currency.

The South China Morning Post is not ideologically biased towards niche perfumes, not at all when they write,...

"Forget the blockbuster fragrance launches that have adorned the shelves in recent years, this season is all about perfume artisans and their craft. You won't see big magazine campaigns or celebrities backing these bottles.

Instead, these latest fragrant offerings pack a punch in terms of olfactive authenticity, with the perfume playing the starring role."

Dear readers we think we can help when we say that there are masterpieces of perfumery everywhere, yes, even in designer perfumery. In fact there are probably more in designer perfumery than in the rest of the market categories due to its longer history. Guerlain, Chanel, Dior, Rochas and so many others had to use their wits as well as quality materials to achieve that. And yes, there are also celebrities backing niche perfumes, like, say, Like This by Tilda Swinton. And yes, Diamonds by Liz Taylor, JLo the original, Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely allow their perfume to play the starring role. And yes, there are wonderful perfumes in niche too. 

The real obsession seems to be to prove that niche perfumery is superior. Maybe, in intent.

If perfumes are to be part of a merit society to remain qualitative, there is no room for creating a class of perfumes that is always, by right of birth, great. There will be a part 2.

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