East West Bottlers Moonshine a Gentleman's Cologne (2011) {New Fragrance}


In 2011, East West Bottlers, a new indie fragrance compagny based in Austin, Texas launched a debut men's perfume called Monshine, a Gentleman's Cologne. The house, co-founded by three friends, Colin Heck Newberry, Charles Woodson Holderness, and Jr., Matthew Rodney Moore, aims to affirm Southern values with a dose of redneck pride: "Independent. Courageous. Rebellious....

"In a world where fame and power seem to dominate the mainstream, it's time to get back to our roots. MOONSHINE, a gentleman's cologne, is designed for men comfortable in their own skin - those who don't need to be associated with the latest trend or fad. A classic and timeless scent that embodies a lifestyle of strong history and heritage."

The cologne was crafted together with French house Galimard from Grasse. It is a woodsy and spicy fragrance featuring notes of black pepper, tobacco, leather, gin, and patchouli. According to an issue of Sourthern Living, the trio wanted to include notes of leather, woods, spices that reminded them of their grandfathers' cologne, Old Spice. 

Price: $76 for 100 ml. Available at eastwestbottlers.com

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