Michael Kors Glam Jasmine (2013) {New Fragrance}






American fashion designer Michael Kors, who is known for his urban-sporty style is trying to adapt this idea to jasmine with Glam Jasmine, a soliflore appearing in the midst of an olfactory-sartorial landscape usually dedicated to abstract bouquets when it comes to embodying style...

You do not want to take the attention away from the essential, i.e., the clothes, do you?

"Sometimes sporty. Always sexy. And never afraid to be glam. The fragrance focuses on bouquet of its namesake flower;" [sic]

The eau de parfum features notes of sparkling citrus, Egyptian Jasmine, Jasmine Sambac, jasmine petals, cassis, cedar wood, creamy sandalwood.

You can note that the cassis/blacurrant note is making a subtle and persistent entry into fragrance compositions this year. A cassis soliflore was even created as if looking at the trend though a magnifying glass.

Another brand which upset expectations is Halle Berry with her Exotic Jasmine. It is a contemporaneous incursion into the deceptively simple and a priori not-so-popular genre of soliflores. Soliflores are less exciting because they do not tell stories. They're about nature.

With such mainstream additions to the soliflore category, it becomes more difficult to view it as an old-fashioned and persistent homage to the Edwardian period. Brands like Yardley can give the impression that they are keeping the tradition alive. Fashion and celebrity labels are not interested in history. They might however be interested in strong and simple concepts. 

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