{New Perfume}: Victoria's Secret Night (2013)

Victoria_secret_night_eau_de_parfum.jpgUS lingerie brand Victoria's Secret have released a new women's fragrance called Night to evoke "dark glamour"style  and accompany a palette of dusky, smoky gray and purple lacey underwear...

The formula is described as that of a "warm floriental." 

"Inspired by a supermodel’s night out, this provocative warm fragrance is the sexiest way to own the night. The tempting eau de parfum embodies glamour and intrigue, with a sensual cocktail of sparkling fruity notes, exotic florals, dark woods and sultry musks."

As is usual for the lingerie chain store, they evoke three main fragrance notes: "Black plum, velvet woods and luscious apple."

An outdoorsy yet sexy woman angler customer commented on her experience of the scent on the brand website saying that "I also was given a sample with my most recent purchase and LOVE it! I spritzed yesterday before leaving the house to go fishing and even after being outside in the wind all day my boyfriend was still commenting how nice it smelled last night when I crawled in bed! Very long lasting but not overpowering! Will be purchasing this today!!"

Prices: $52 & $68 for 50ml & 100 ml of eau de parfum. 

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