Positive Public Reactions to Perfume, a List - Please Complete {Scented Thoughts}


Bayswater Omnibus by George William Joy, 1895 

Here's an ethological inquest into the positive perceptions to perfume, as you might have experienced it while walking on the street of a civilized city. We should say ethnological but feel there is a very animalistic phenomenon taking place.

 1) People stop you on the street and ask you what perfume you are wearing. They make you repeat the name. They tell you they will buy it for their wife. As a consequence, you start regretting not having brought the bottle with you, or its picture handily tucked inside your bag. Indeed, just like for pets you might consider carrying the portrait of your favorite perfume around to show your friends, and random strangers met on the street...


Dinner of Herbs by George William Joy 

2) People say "It smells good in here, or around here" and can't tell where it's coming from (you)

 3) You literally hear people flaring up their nostrils and taking in deeper and more rapid breaths in succession as if they needed to identify the scent better (if they hated the scent they would want to cover up their nose and restrict air intake).

You are reminded that we have an instinctual part to ourselves and that in the prehistoric period, it must have made much more noise, possibly, surely even, followed by grunting and quick darting of eyes. 

4) People who are walking in front of you suddenly slow down and turn around towards your general direction (caught off guard by the scent because they don't have eyes in the back of their heads)

5) Some people look really flushed suddenly in the confines of, say, an elevator (your scent is too sexy for words)

6) People are suddenly immensely helpful and charming going out of their way to respond to your request. It is so pronounced - like a mood change - it must be your perfume (studies have shown this)

Those are positive reactions - well maybe not all the time so positive if you prefer to just wear perfume and not act as a bee attractant. 

What other types of positive reactions have you experienced? We love perfume stories! 

Next, we could do a list of negative reactions to perfume. 

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