Yankee Candle Add Innovative Savory Turkey & Stuffing Candle to Thanksgiving Collection (2013) {Home Fragrance}



Yankee Candle are trying to introduce a taste of savory to American consumers in the form of a Turkey & Stuffing scented candle this autumn of 2013. And this is not just a taste of savory but of cooked savoriness. 

After having hit an array of sweet notes, a new olfactory frontier has opened up more recently in home fragrancing. In France, there was a candle wafting of the delicious smell of hot Vietnamese Pho soup by Editions Mont-Louis. Here come the sage and parsley and bread and melted butter from your favorite festive stuffing...

"A mouth-watering holiday tradition . . . plump, butter-basted turkey and savory stuffing filled with celery, carrots, and herbs."

The Thanksgiving Dinner Collection also includes Cranberry Sauce (the canned variation) and Sweet Potato Pie (with marshmallows) yet Turkey & Stuffing is the most revolutionary as it opens the way to gourmand savory combinations, which still feel unnatural. 

Thierry Mugler insisted on a transition phase which was a sweet and savory gourmand perfume for the person, with Womanity (See also interview with Pierre Aulas). The note of caviar in is salty yet remains uncooked.

With the new Yankee Candle product, we are offered an avant-garde concept quickly adopted by a very mainstream brand. Indeed, if culturally the aroma of stuffed turkey roast is as familiar as ABC noodle soup, put in candle form it becomes innovative. Meat-y perfumes exist but are a very small category still, if you exclude leather fragrances (See for example Burger King Flame or Bacon Gold & Bacon Classic). It remains to be seen if patrons will follow. The collection is a limited-edition, so testing the waters in a way. 

Online reactions are mixed. Some customers love the new turkey candle, others positively hate it. 

If you can't stomach this brothy candle, you can check the more classic sweet potato pie one "A crave-worthy delight . . . yummy mashed sweet potato filling baked with nutmeg and vanilla," or the cranberry sauce side-candle "It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without the classic, tangy sweet goodness of jellied cranberry sauce."

Prices: $27,99 and $17,99

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