Burger King Flame (2008/2009): Overtones of a Whopper {New Fragrance} {Perfume Images} {Celebrity Scent}

Flame-Burger-King-Piers.jpgBurger King just introduced in the UK their meat-flavored personal perfume called Flame. They launched it last year in the US to wide popular appeal. The concept of the advertising campaign was so right-on that the vial spray perfumes sold out in 4 days. The scent was then faced by a Mr. Burger King, this time it is fronted in the same outrageously campy style by British celebrity Piers Morgan best-known internationally as the host of Britain's Got Talent and supporter and crush of singer Susan Boyle....

"Introducing FLAME, the new fragrance from Burger King. Flame is the world's first perfume to contain the irresistible, sizzling overtones of the WHOPPER. Behold the scent of seduction with a subtle hint of flame-grilled beef."

"A perfume like no other wafts in to RED5 - Flame is Britain's first fragrance with the hint of flame-grilled beef, endorsed by celebrity hotshot Piers Morgan and priced at a credit crunch busting £4.99!

Most celebrity fragrances offer a 'delicate', 'playful' or 'captivating' overtone. But not Flame. The new fragrance from Burger King bucks the trend with that hint of flame-grilled beef. And reputedly it's also a surprising scent of seduction!

Flame makes a fun gift for Father's Day, birthdays or for no occasion in particular. Make that someone special feel irresistible again! Or, why not treat yourself to the scent of seduction and test its pulling power on your next night out?"

You can buy it here (only 3 per person)

Watch the making-of the advert,

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