Yankee Candle Oud Oasis, Frankincense, Moroccan Argan Oil (2015) {New Home Fragrances}

Oud_Oasis_Yankee.jpg American scented candle company Yankee Candle have released a collection entitled Grand Bazaar comprising three new candles called Oud Oasis, Frankincense and Moroccan Argan Oil...

The launch appears to be Europe-based as they are sold on the UK Yankee site and the UK QVC one as well, while not being advertized on the US site.

Oud Oasis / Bois d'Agar, which demonstrates once more the unabating popularity of oud as a new household aromatic accord, is described as smelling "rich and seductive," while helping to create a "luxuriously calming mood."

Frankincense_Yankee.jpg Frankincense / Oliban, which is the more traditional ingredient of the three featured in Grand Bazaar, is about a "delicate sweetness, peppery spiciness and balsamic wood undertones."

Moroccan_argan_oil_yankee.jpg Moroccan Argan Oil / Huile d'Argan in this day and age is prized as one of the most popular beauty oils to be had. It smells vaguely and pleasantly of fruity black olive pits in its natural state. Here, it has "hints of patchouli and sandalwood," while "the exotic aroma of rare argan oil creates a uniquely inviting ambiance."

SRP for a large jar is €27.99 and €10.99 for a small one.

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