Divine L'Inspiratrice Gets a Makeover with l'Edition 2013 {New Perfume}




One niche perfume brand one ought not to neglect is Divine est. 1986. The Brittany-based house, now also in Paris, offer high-quality perfumes with their central offering, Divine, being one of the most beautiful, elegant and satisfying fruity chypres to be had... 

If you were going to be forgetful about these relatively unsung fragrances - there are cycles of appreciation in perfumedom, one day a fragrance is all the rage, the next all but forgotten -c'est la vie!, a persistent whiff coming from the new formulation of L'Inspiratrice cannot be ignored because it simply smells so very good and insinuating it tugs at your nose each time you pass by the place where it lies.

In essence, this is an apt illustration of the problem faced by some true niche labels: great perfume - little publicity, even on blogs. I will nuance this statement by adding that it depends on the time period. At other times, you might be able to follow a trail of infatuation for a perfume on different blogs.

This discrete house nevertheless continue to do beautiful perfumery, and apparently, try to improve them. 

They have refreshed, metaphorically speaking, the formulation of L'Inspiratrice, a rose and patchouli composition from 2006. The result is a show-stopper in olfactory terms. Yvon Mouchel, the founder of the brand, explains that they added "musk and powders" to L'Inspiratrice Edition 2013. 

Added: this is a permanent reformulation brought on by the desire to please fans of the fragrance who thought it needed to be a bit lighter although it remains a rich perfume. They made the opening more sparkling and also added a note of freesia. They rebalanced the patchouli and musk getting reportedly the best quality available for the latter.

Notes: freesia, ylang from the Comores, Calabrian bergamot, Anatolian rose, peony, white musks, Indonesian patchouli, Haitian vetiver, vanilla and tonka bean. 

Absolutely worth a sampling. It smells heavenly, to the point where it inspires you to create a Twitter hashtag, #HeavenlyFragrance. 

Their prices are versatile and you can even order a box of samples to start with if you would like to discover their library of scents. 

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