Lalique Azalée Boasts Signature by Chypre Expert Michel Almairac (2014) {New Perfume}


Lalique will launch a new fragrance for women next year called Azalée (Azalea). The composition is a modernized chypre perfume created by perfumer Michel Almairac in collaboration with nose Mylène Alran, both of Robertet...

The fragrance is described as being "a playful and elegant fruity Chypre," while nose Michel Almairac is introduced as "a chypre expert and lover". He, amongst others, created the lovely chypre perfume Cabaret by Grès. The traditional genre is said to offer "a unique and modern flair."

Azalée opens on head notes of bergamot, peach and freesia seguing into a heart of rose, jasmine and gardenia and deepening with patchouli, creamy sandalwood and musk.

The flacon reprises the one used for Fleur de Cristal

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