Natura Brasil Duo Amo Chamego & Amo Amasso is Dedicated to the Language of Love (2013) {New Perfumes} {Men's Cologne) {Green Products}


Natura Brasil launched a duo of perfumes called Amo Chamego for women and Amo Amasso for men which are named after the Brazilian language of love...

Amo Chamego (I love a Cuddle)

"Chamego" in Brazilian Portuguese means a "cuddle", one which is "inspired the desire to caress the other person's skin,..." The feminine fragrance is a woody and ambery oriental playing on the contrast of cool and hot spices. The eau de toilette opens on top notes ginger and cardamom followed by intense spices of cinnamon and pepper. In the base, the scent is anchored by sandalwood, amber and tonka bean. 


Amo Amasso (I love an Embrace)

"Amasso" in Brazilian means an "embrace" implying a sensory discovery, alluding to "hesitating gestures which assert themselves until they kindle up a fire, passion and ardor." The eau de toilette is an ambery fougère. It was designed to release fresh top notes of citruses, green basilic, violet leaves, and sparkling apple before seguing into a heart of geranium and spices and drying down to a base of precious and rare woods called "suave or dry": sandalwood, cashmere woods, cedar wood, vetiver, patchouli, oak moss, amber and musks. 

The Brazilian ad copy mentions an accord of chocolate. 

The brand boast the use of a significant proportion of natural essential oils carried by organic sugar cane alcohol cultivated in a sustainable manner. 

Price: 45€ for 75 ml. 

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  1. Amó doesn't mean "I love", is a new word created by Natura. "I love" is "amo", without acute accent.

    Helen Fernanda
    • Ah, okay, thank you for correcting. What do you understand this new word to mean, intuitively, as a native speaker of Brazilian Portuguese? Why do you think they added an accent?

      Chant Wagner

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