New Advertising Campaign for Trésor by Lancôme: "The New Trésor" {Perfume Images & Ads}



Lancôme have started a new advertising campaign on TV for Trésor, one of their pillar fragrances. The tag line is "Le nouveau Trésor" (The New Trésor).  It is probably the one perfume from their portfolio which is best entrusted with carrying the romantic imagery that the brand knows how to distill. Isabella Rossellini was the face for the fragrance in the 1990s, and the Trocadéro commercial is still remembered today for its lyricism and peach-colored tones...

Today, Penelope Cruz is the Trésor spokesperson. In the latest advertising film she is in love with and married to a boxer - in the French context, the iconic reference which pops to mind is the love story which took place between Edith Piaf and Marcel Cerdan. 

The "new Trésor" in this case is characterization which is at once true and false. Trésor itself has not changed, but there are new flankers to it, most recently Trésor Lumineuse. Trésor Absolu has been re-edited. There is also Trésor in Love and Midnight Trésor. In perfume shops, the new presentation of Trésor sees it as an experience available in several versions thanks to a plastic "présentoir" with four liftable caps on an elastic string and each scent smellable in turn and in a row. 

So, "the new Trésor" is really more of a war cry stating that Trésor is still up to date, than a statement to be taken literally. 

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