Cacharel Anaïs Anaïs Premier Délice (2014) {New Perfume}


Cacharel will launch a new iteration of Anaïs Anaïs now baptized L'Original (1978) called Anaïs Anaïs Premier Délice (Anaïs Anaïs First Delight) from April 2014. The fragrance was composed by perfumers Oliver Cresp and Dora Baghriche of Firmenich...

Artistic direction for the fragrance ad campaign was entrusted to Olivia Bee, a precocious fashion photographer who marked the start of her career with an advertising for Converse at 14. She is now 19.

The lens woman has reworked the original vision signed by photographer Sarah Moon which was very David Hamiltonian and 1970s featuring ethereal, paired Anaïs women to reflect the incantatory doublet name, Anaïs Anaïs.

The aim of the ad campaign is said to be to try to redefine romanticism for today's adolescents. 

Now there are three young models dressed seemingly to participate in a pagan ritual with a posible nod to Femen activism which has influenced an interest in floral crown hair accessories. A mischievous element is thrown in as the models are wearing colorful and playful, childlike war paints. 

The bottle becomes transparent instead of being made out of white opaline, a favorite, signature material of Cacharel parfums used also for Lou Lou (blue) and Eden (green). The brand said they wanted to convey the sense that today's young women are not so much cultivating mystery as open communication - you could say exhibitionism -  on social media and the Internet. 

The composition is said to be a "gourmand fruity floriental" which sees the incorporation of a chocolate-pear accord to the recognizable floral mix of L'Original, we are told by nose Olivier Cresp. Dora Baghriche says it is not possible to speak the language of romanticism today without having recourse to gustatory notes. 

Fragrance notes are: green pear, bergamot, orange essence, jasmine, peony, cacao accord, cedarwood essence. 

Via Orange Tendances; Journal des Femmes; Public

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