Thierry Mugler Alien Eau Extraordinaire (2014): A Luminous Eau de Optimism and Benevolence {New Perfume}


Thierry Mugler Parfums are preparing to launch a new interpretation of Alien called Alien Eau Extraordinaire, which is an attempt to capture and reproduce a feeling of happiness in its wearers...

The brand are once more evoking a mythological character, the Solar Goddess whose "absolute sense of serenity" and "positive energy" inspires women allowing them to wear a fragrance which is "luminous, incandescent, and benevolent."

Philosopher Vincent Cepedes contibuted a pamphlet entitled "The Solar Woman" around Alien Eau Extraordinaire critiquing contemporary narcissism and delectation in the "construction of the self" which he characterizes as "the #1 obsession of individuals seeking out their own egos". In it he opposes the quest for coercive authority over others to the notion of "puissance" which is a free-thinking form of power that is truly shared with others and free-flowing; Cepedes critiques social media which to him are an expression of selfishness and narcissism. Going back to Madame de Staël for inspiration he advocates an antidote, "bonté" or goodness, which the 18th century thinker contrasted with the egocentric character of love. He then turns to Zoroastrianism to propose a renewed creed in light and the luminous power of women encouraging them to ask the questions "What to do with my power and vitality?" "who dazzles me and who to dazzle?" and "how do I share my happiness?" 

The eau de toilette was composed by perfumers Dominique Ropion and Véronique Nyberg of IFF who propose their own definitions of happiness which we can gauge better in the review. Going beyond the expression of a moral message, the noses have worked on an ensemble of ingredients reputed for their energizing properties, which they added to the original signature of the perfume resting on white amber and Cashmeran wood. They are the notes of bergamot, neroli, tiare blossom, and heliotrope which compose a solar bouquet. 

The flacon, which feels particularly incandescent, owes this renewed radiance to the Marquise cut dating back to the 18th century, named after Madame de Pompadour. 

Prices are 63€ for 60 ml and 85€ for 90 ml in the refillable flacons. The 90 ml Eco-Source flacon is priced at 72€.

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