Versace Bright Crystal Absolu (2014) {New Fragrance}


Versace have launched a new flanker to Bright Crystal (2006) called Bright Crystal Absolu, a more lasting and more intense version of the first...

The composition is signed by perfumer Alberto Morillas of Firmenich

The composition has been freshened up with Yuzu while red, juicy notes of pomegranate seeds and raspberry have been added. The heart is richer thanks to velvety raspberry together with Peony, Magnolia and Lotus flowers. The sillage - Morillas is usually excellent at tackling this challenging part - has been intensified and deepened with precious vegetal amber, Acajou wood and musk. 

Price: $84 and $110 for 50 ml and 100 ml respectively. Available at Sephora. 


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