Plantes à Parfum by Serge Schall (2014) {Fragrant Reading - New Book}


Agronomist and garden specialist Serge Schall has released a new book devoted to plants which are used in perfumery entitled Plantes à Parfum...

He has written tomes on topics like plants that make up candies and aromatic plants. 

The new title is richly illustrated and details a succession of plants which belong to the palette of the perfumer. The target audience would be children. A cursory look reveals that the contents are meant to be an introduction to the subject rather than a specialized study. It's really a 101 book meant to be primarily of interest to children, or complete neophytes. For the target audience however, it elevates the contents beyond the tone of a naive encyclopedia and does not attempt to dumb down the topic - it's just that the information it contains is already well-known to specialists.

Plantes à parfum de Serge Schall, Terra Curiosa, Plume de Carotte, 147 pages. 

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