Aigner No.1 Oud (2014) {New Fragrance} {Men's Cologne}

Aigner_no_1_oud.jpg German luxury leathergoods Aigner have launched a new fragrance for men called Aigner No.1 Oud...

No.1 Oud is said to be a "deeply luxurious addition to the Aigner No.1 collection," It is "a spicy and mystical scent." It is a more unequivocal oudh flanker twist on the No.1 and No.1 Intense which both contain an oud note.

"One of the worlds' most sought after and mystical scents, Oud has captured the imagination of fragrance lovers for millennia. With roots in middle-Eastern culture Oud has now expanded its appeal. AIGNER N°1 OUD is an exciting new launch from the AIGNER N°1 collection which continues to re-define luxury, quality and modernity and embraces the philosophy behind AIGNER N°1.

AIGNER N°1 OUD captures the growing trend for this provocative scent and brings its mystique right up to date."

The top is spicy with coriander, cinnamon and nutmeg while the heart is floral with rose, jasmine, violet and a hint of clove. The base is redolent of "precious woods", Cashmeran, saffron, rich leather and "sultry oud".

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