Perfumer Germaine Cellier in Vanity Fair this Month {Fragrant Readings}


Famous post WWII perfumer Germaine Cellier - the author of Robert Piguet Fracas - is featured in Vanity Fair France this month in a rare article written by her niece Martine Azoulai...

The piece retraces her life story, making her look more humane and flawed.

I haven't read the article yet just perused it. There are never before seen pictures. It is also an account resting on oral tradition and family perceptions, so it's definitely worth seeking out.

The premise of the paper is that Germaine Cellier is famous in the United-States, but virtually unknown in France. Is that really true? It seems that via the international patways of the Internet, perfumistos are able to get their information beyond national frontiers.

At any rate, this portrait of a bygone perfumer is certainly an uncommon sight in a large circulation magazine like Vanity Fair.

Thanks to Robert Piguet @RPParfums on Twitter for calling attention to this landmark piece.

Photo @The Scented Salamander

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