Shiseido Zen Sun for Her & Him (2014) {New Fragrances}

Zen_Sun_2014.jpg Shiseido have introduced a new limited-edition duo of fragrances called Zen Sun for Her and Zen Sun for Him...

The perfumes are about capturing a moment in time, "The very moment the sun is directly overhead, colors burst forward in their brightest form. Warmth fills the body and enlightens the heart. And the beauty of your inner self is illuminated for all to see."

Zen Sun for Her was composed by perfumer Michel Almairac. It is labeled a fruity-floral amber perfume. The scent features main notes of bergamot, mango, cherry blossoms and a solar musk.

Personality is "bright, fresh and joyful".

shiseido-zen-sun-for-her.jpg "lnspired by the way light and shadow dance over exotic flowers in the midday sun, the bottle's crystalline facets expose color from joyous and bright to feminine and delicate. A nod to the sun's power to illuminate inner beauty."

Zen Sun for Him is signed by perfumer Françoise Caron. The scent is an aquatic citrusy and woody composition. It displays main notes of yuzu, frozen mint, and dry woods.

shiseido-zen-sun-for-him.jpg "Like the bottle that contains the fragrance, it evokes the moment when blue ocean turns into translucent turquoise -through the magical energy that «t'lythe sun's power can conjure [sic]."

Personality is "Direct, fresh, and quintessentially masculine".

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