Kim Kardashian Fleur Fatale (2014) {New Celebrity Perfume}

Kim_Kardashian_Fleur_Fatale.jpg American TV reality and tabloid star Kim Kardashian is launching a new perfume for women called Fleur Fatale (Fatal Flower)...

This is her first fragrance launch since her marriage with Kanye West. The packaging seems to hint at that moment with its pastel, pink blush roses and snowy white opaque flacon.

Kim is seen offering her best impersonation of a femme fatale crossed with a bad, blingy nouveau riche girl -- dipped in white and rosy hues.

No information about the fragrance notes has been forthcoming so far but the roses depicted on the outer box might be a clue.

Price: $65 for 100 ml of eau de parfum.

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