L'Occitane Arlésienne (2014) {New Fragrance}

arlesienne_occitane_provence.jpg L'Occitane en Provence are preparing to release a new feminine perfume baptized Arlésienne after the myth of an elusive and mythical woman who may never materialize in real life and yet is a focal point of intense expectations...

This summer the perfume house collaborated with fashion designer Christian Lacroix who was born and bred in Arles to highlight aspects of the myth with novel interpretations.

exposition_christian_lacroix_arles.jpg The house sponsored an exhibition of photographies of Christian Lacroix's reconstitutions of early XXth Arlesian costumes based on family archives and photographed by Katerina Jebb. They feature the Reine de Arles - a beauty queen elected for 3 years - together with her runner-ups portrayed in an antique style.


A picture from the book Arlésiennes, femmes de Provence, femmes de Camargue by Danielle Raspini

The fragrance Arésienne is an Eau de Toilette showcasing main notes de saffron, rose, and violet, to result in "a floral perfume with character". The saffron is the scent of the Arlésienne's fiery temperament, violet the perfume of her mystery and rose the fragrance of her grace.

Top notes are mandarin and saffron with a heart of rose from Grasse and Lily of the Valley while the base mellows down with violet, sandalwood, white woods and tonka bean.

Launch date is set for October 29, 2014

Price: 50€

Source: Le Parisien

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