Philosophy Celebrate Grace (2014) {New Fragrance}

Philosophy_celebrate_grace.jpg Beauty label Philosophy have issued a new limited-edition perfume called Celebrate Grace, just before the fall holidays...

As always, the flacon bears a message which wishes to inspire, "may today be filled with love, laughter and celebration."

The personality of the scent is said to be "exuberant, approachable." It is designed to "make a woman feel open and inspired to embrace the joy of sharing with those we cherish."

The genre is that of a floral and creamy musk.

The Eau de Toilette opens on top notes of lavender, water lily and freesia for creating happy memories. The floral heart of white rose and peony "fill your heart with love, joy and gratitude." The clean musk and rich sandalwood "inspires you to celebrate the magic of the season."

Lovable? Testable? Forgettable? What do you think?

Price: $46 for 2 fl oz.

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